Friday, 1 August 2014

The clock goes back!

Today, at long last, we were able to return the medieval clock to the tower at Castle Rushen. At the moment it is ticking away for a few days for us to judge whether adjustments may be required. We will connect the striking train next week.
The lift up the outside of the castle keep went well, with no mishaps, even though the electric winch gave out leaving Colin, Chris and Seb to pull it up manually..... Seb isn't even a full-time member of staff, being a placement student on his way to St Andrew's University to study Ancient History and Archaeology, so thanks to him for pulling at the opportune moment!

The clock being installed in it's travelling crate

Tying the crate to a wire hawser...

Arrival at base camp, Castle Rushen

Seb and Geoff looking relieved with the clock at the top of the keep


When the clock is completely assembled I shall post some pictures of it in situ.